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2010-02-26 18:41:55 by gmanthesandwhichking

My town is very very boring, just wondering, do any other people live in an extremely boring town?


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2010-02-26 18:50:33

My town used to be extremely boring, so I know how it is. But since our authorithies had changed, it has been slowly becoming an amazing place.
Wish you some interesting events in your town (:

gmanthesandwhichking responds:

Yeah, in my town we have just have local businesses, until you go at least 10 miles then you hit Wal-Mart and Gamestop, and some other restaraunts.


2010-02-26 22:22:28

Yes I do I think you know the name of it.

gmanthesandwhichking responds:



2010-03-03 19:16:33

Whats your subway combo??

gmanthesandwhichking responds:

I said that I would never share my secret. Nice try though.


2010-03-05 00:27:59

this kid right hurrrr.
but I live 15 minutes from Cleveland, so no complaints :D

gmanthesandwhichking responds:

Yeah, I live 15 minutes from...nothing.


2010-03-05 16:21:06

It really depends upon your definition of boring. Personally I find Houston to be incredibly droll, but there are certainly places that I suppose you could consider fun or exciting. I live about five minutes from every store you could want... WalMart, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Game Stop, a few other game stores, HEB, Food Town, Half-Price Books, Petco, Petsmart, and alot of good restaurants. Personally I am bored with where I live. I would much rather be a few hundred miles west of here.

gmanthesandwhichking responds:

Well, I can't even walk to all of those stores unless I walk there from school, which requires me to miss my bus. The only other way I can go anywhere is by car. The only thing near me is a restaurant, gas station, and dowtown(though that is about a 15 minute walk).


2010-05-22 18:05:58

oh yea you need some party faces like me dawg