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SCOUT ahead

2010-12-04 09:40:59 by gmanthesandwhichking

I have just recently been scouted, FINALLY! I will uploading some more stuff to the portal soon enough.


2010-11-01 18:14:03 by gmanthesandwhichking

Awesome game, little belated on the news post judging that I got it on the 19th. But still, awesome game.


2010-02-26 18:41:55 by gmanthesandwhichking

My town is very very boring, just wondering, do any other people live in an extremely boring town?

Ok, so the cold weather is finally lifting, BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH!!!!
And even though it will get hot, when my school turns on the AC it is gonna be cold as hell. I mean when the AC is on it is at least 68 degrees in the classrooms.
I guess I am just ranting, but I think school should wait just a little while to turn on the AC in the building after the weather warms up.

One Cold Winter

2010-02-11 21:56:04 by gmanthesandwhichking

Damn this is a cold winter that we are having in the states. It'll all be coming to a end soon though, but not soon enough.

(Yet another excuse to put up my new picture.)

One Cold Winter

I am currently trying to find an art gallery that will take my stuff, so, if anybody knows any, just let me know.

Working On My Comic

2010-01-18 19:27:04 by gmanthesandwhichking

I am currently busy working on my independent comic for fun. I plan to make this my carrer, so, anybody who wants one, let me know.


2010-01-04 20:14:10 by gmanthesandwhichking

I am currently looking at tablets so I can finally get this t-shirt design thing going!!!


2010-01-04 16:25:39 by gmanthesandwhichking

I am currently doing some art commissions right now, prices are as follows:

Sketch: $3.00
Ink: $5.00
Colored: $10.00

All pictures come on very good quality 9x12 paper, and framed as well.
I have ten spots open for now, just PM me.